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6 Device Security Tips to Keep Your Data Safe

6 Device Security Tips to Keep Your Data Safe

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  • Great information!

  • All good advice.  Don't forget to periodically validate your Disaster Recovery Plan and that your only real protection against data loss, be it from malware, hardware failure or theft, are recent/continuous, multi-level (local and offsite multi-generational) fully tested backup resources.

  • Thanks a lot)

  • This is a great article - thank you for posting it - it's genuinely a big help for people like me who are less well versed in computers and office technology. I don't know if this is the right place or not to ask for advice on office computing but I figured I may as well ask. To sum up a long story, a while ago I started up my own business, it's nothing large but it's slowly growing up and I'm very happy with its progress. However as the business grows I’m also aware that I probably need to invest in some more security and safety for the office computing system - especially as I keep on hearing more and more nightmare stories about hackings and things! I had a Google and I know that Nasstar are really popular for this service from what I've read online and things ( this is them: www.nasstar.com/nsecureweb ). Would people agree in general that they're the best company to go through? I really want to make sure that I’m investing in the right services here so if anyone has any recommendations or advice for me that would genuinely be brilliant! Thanks everyone!

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