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Nonprofit Websites: 5 Ways to Keep Them Fresh

Nonprofit Websites: 5 Ways to Keep Them Fresh

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  • Outstanding article. I've never thought about suggestions such as linking stories to actions, measuring responses to specific stories, or collecting a library of images, While we all know that "fresh" is good, these suggestions can keep a website fresh rather than dead.

  • Great Piece! Simple and Direct. People Against Cancer finds people the best cancer treatment. We have a very tired and unused site at PeopleAgainstCancer.org which could certainly use your help. Info@PeopleAgainstCancer.com

  • Helpful article but I don't understand why you would chose to use a photo of animal cruelty? Very disturbing.

  • great job!!!  Will put these items to use at Anchorage re:MADE

  • Yes, It's the simple things that matter most. Simple + consistency.

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