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How Nonprofits Can Improve Their Email Deliverability

How Nonprofits Can Improve Their Email Deliverability

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  • Two additional easy wins are: 1. setting up DKIM and SPF records.

    2. Checking emails with an email spam tester. I like the one at http://www.mail-tester.com/

  • Those are all great strategies. And all of them consider the campaign management. But there is another critical technical step that can be taken and it's not a budget changer. If you are sending email from your own domain (not using a cloud based service) then you should consider an outbound SMTP service. Essentially, it allows your email to come from a well managed and "known safe" IP domain and utilizes more than the standard ports for delivery. This increases your chances that your mail will not be seen as spam or junk and that your domain does not get black listed. You can read more about it at www.duocircle.com/.../outbound-smtp

  • This explains as to why I get more "unopened". Thank you for the recommendations. I used to leave the "bounces" without cleaning but now I understand to importance of managing the email list.

  • Forgive me if this is a stupid question -- it's something I've lost track of over the years -- but what counts as an open? We've worked very hard to have our entire weekly enewsletter appear in a preview screen so that it's not necessary to click on it to read it. We also know that in chatting with our users, that a significant number save our newsletters in a folder and use them for future reference -- i.e., I may not need to know about the topic now, but if I save the email, information about that topic will come up in email search later. (We're a legal newsletter so we find that lawyers tend to save and use information that way.)

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