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TechSoup Global Network: A Unique Force for Social Change

TechSoup Global Network: A Unique Force for Social Change

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  • This is great!

  • The work you do is as important today as it has ever been. Thank you.

  • Thank you for the great work!

  • Awesome! Would love to help however I can!

  • Thank you for all that you do.

    Best regards,

    Jonathan (Jon) Florin

    No Stomach For Cancer

    Executive Director

    3510 Parmenter Street | Suite 200 | Middleton WI 53562

  • The Sun City Center Woman's club appreciates everything you've done for us. You have allowed us to save our hard earned money which helps provide more for us to give to the charities in our area.

  • Dear Ms Masisak,

    Oh my, this is borderline embarrassing for Techsoup.

    Honestly you and I agree; I don't care for our political climate either, as does 64% of the nation (rating as of today).

    Yes, we understand your 2-3 heavily inferred disagreements of America's current political climate.  But that's a personal matter, which is not connected to our organization's missions in the slightest. Is it?

    Are we not above this?

    After all we represent thousands. Not just ourselves or our employees, but the people our organizations serve. Thus we may in fact indirectly represent millions...

    ...all with different beliefs.

    Which political side ought our leadership voices support? Neither side.  Not because we are weak. Not because we don't care. But that is not our calling in the positions we are in.  The most dignified, humble way we can respect and represent our people and who we serve is to serve through silent strength, without political commentary.  This takes true resolve and controlling our emotions.  Surely we agree on this. Yes there are over 60,000,000 real people who share your same political beliefs, but conversely there are over 60,000,000 who do not. While you might disagree, I see them as smart, hard-working, talented people even if they celebrate different political opinions than me.  And for that they are entitled to respect without commentary.

    I humbly beg you to put aside the veiled criticism and political commentaries. Please let us focus on what we do best: serving and treating all with dignity.  Regardless of whether or not they voted differently than us.

    Thank you for your valuable time and keep up the amazing impact in San Francisco and beyond,

    -Beau Chevassus

    President, Knok.org

  • We share your view & commitment to freedom of belief, express, due process - and also the inalienable right to live free from fear of violence, injustice & oppression. Thank you for your collective proactive stance.

  • TechSoup levels the playing field for many NPOs to engage in a marketplace that is not always driven by mission, and we are running the risk of having our world be even less mission driven. All of us appreciate the work you do.

    Grace Barry

  • Love the work you do. It helps us immensely.

  • Dear Rebecca & Crew

    Keep up your great work

  • Thank you for the information. Will there be a live stream of conference events, transcripts of presentations, reports or any other interactive activities to participate in?

  • @YoungLivesMatterFoundation: We invite you to follow along on Facebook and Twitter where some of the conference content will be communicated, but we won't be streaming the entire conference live

  • I want to thank you for helping all the non-profits with the cost of the programs. The government is making cuts in funding to some non-profits that will make a huge dent in their financial stability, This is why we need groups like Techsoup to continue to help us all.

    Everyone has their own political beliefs and I respect them.

    Jorge from Earth Angels.

  • As NGO's are sought out by government to carry out their mission, Tech Soup becomes an invaluable tool to stretch our donated dollars.  Thank you.  

    Heidi Doyle, Executive Director

    Sierra State Parks Foundation

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