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6 Must-Haves for Your Nonprofit's Website

6 Must-Haves for Your Nonprofit's Website

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  • 3. Bite-Sized Pieces of Information

    Agree 100% with this point! I've seen nonprofits that make poor use of their website because they try to include everything on their site. This often results in lots of dry content or excessively long web pages that most visitors find unappealing. It's very easy to turn people away from your site if your information is overwhelming or poorly presented. Here's a tip: If any of your site's content reads like an essay, it might be time to update it. You'll want to make it more user-friendly and interesting to read. The average visitor spends 1 minute or less reading a web page -- so your main point needs to get across quickly and easily.

    Also, many nonprofit sites offer additional information such as reports, articles, various forms and other resources for visitors. Take some time to consider if such materials can be presented in ways that are more appealing and accessible. For example, perhaps your site contains some information that should be presented not as standard web pages, but rather as downloadable PDF or Word documents that visitors can access at their own convenience.

  • Also: accessibility! A web site that is not fully accessible for a variety of devices and people with disability leaves out many potential donors.

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