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5 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Text Messages

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Text Messages

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  • Great article! It got me thinking we might want to start a campaign utilizing texting. 2 questions,1. how do we implement this, e.g., software, etc. ?  and 2. I've attended some churches that allow ppl to text a number to donate or tithe. How does that work?   Any help would be appreciated.

    Kelly Cordovano, Fresh Start Ministries of Central FL


  • Hi Kelly,

    Those are some great questions! I've asked our experts in the forums to weigh in over here: forums.techsoup.org/.../41254.aspx

    Keep checking back, too, because people will probably continue to post ideas.

  • What companies provide SMS service to nonprofits for a good price?

  • Hi savethefrogs, I'm hoping our experts over in the forums will have some good ideas for us on this. Check back in a little while at this URL: forums.techsoup.org/.../135227.aspx

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