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Join Our 2016 Digital Storytelling Challenge!

Join Our 2016 Digital Storytelling Challenge!

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  • Your links to the DoGooder contest go to a page with no winners announced and no active links to get elsewhere.

    Also, could you please move your "sharing" tool somewhere else on your page? It's intrusive and hides the content too much. Also, your typeface is much too small for elder participants like me to read. I have to enlarge the page three times to be able to read the content. If you goal is to get more non-profits involved in tech, you really need to come up with a more user-friendly website design.

  • Hi StStephenUMCMesquite, thanks for the feedback! I updated the link so that it goes to the nonprofit that won the Best Nonprofit Video Dogooder Award. To see the other winners, click on the links in the blue text that's the second line of text from the top of the page (on the Dogooder website). And I will share your feedback regarding the sharing tool and the type size with other staff at TechSoup so we can keep it in mind for future improvements to our website.

  • p.s. @StStephenUMCMesquite, this just in from our web producer: You can hide the social tool by clicking on the arrow that appears below the icons, when you hover over the social icons.

  • Your email said to "join and register" - does this mean sign up for the contest (if so, how?) or just sign up for the webinars?

  • Hi Sonyatyler, yes, it means join and register for the contest. You can do so here: www.techsoup.org/.../storymakers

  • I don't seem to see the Official Rules, i.e., how long the video should be, how many photos can be submitted, Audience Choice award...what is this?  More information needed on the rules. Secondly, the $7000 - is this split across the 4 different categories of campaigns? Perhaps there's a link somewhere for the rules, but I wasn't able to find it.  Thank you!

  • Hi boppermary, please see our FAQ page: www.techsoup.org/.../storymakers-faq The Audience Choice Award is given based upon the results of voting by the community.

  • Community voting starts June 1 and ends June 15

  • My role at Angel Guardians is changing and my direct involvement as a management consultant will require my direct involvement in day to day activities.  I will soon be traveling to Omaha to work directly with the new Executive Director  of Angel Guardians Mr. Jim Burns.  I am interested in the Storymakers2016 contest.  I have a rather compelling story to tell about Angel Guardians and would appreciate any assistance you can on the steps I must take to formally sign up for the Storymaker2016 contest.  Alternatively, any contact information for someone who can assist with my request would be greatly appreciated.


    Terry Malone


  • You have a few options:

    First, our new education curriculum is comprehensive and is tailored made, user-friendly, for the small nonprofit who might feel overwhelmed by starting the creation of a digital story. Explore our "Resources" page (www.techsoup.org/.../short-course-in-digital-storytelling-introduction) for a full range of resource, then hit "take the course". It'll take you into our curriculum. Make sure to watch "intro video". We love to hear your feedback as an early participant.

    The second option is that we partnered with the Taproot Foundation who brings pro-bono volunteers together to nonprofits who need volunteer help. We have a dedicated Storymakers page. You can sign up there on the "nonprofit" side and Taproot will work to find you a Pro Bono Volunteer! www.taprootplus.org/.../storymakers

  • So I am probably missing this but where do you submit your images at?

  • I'm a member and would really like to submit our recently completed non profit video. How can I do that?

  • Hi jimtoren and LiteracyVolunteersValleyShore, please go to www.techsoup.org/.../storymakers, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and create an account (or log in with an existing account). Then you can submit your photos or video.

  • Hello, Are we allowed to share a book written about our organization? Would this be kept private since we are selling it to raise funds for the organization? Thanks, Pamela

  • Hi Pamela, My understanding is that the submissions need to be either a five-photo slide show or a video. Perhaps you could select some of the photos in the book to create a slide show?

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