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The Evolving Relationship Among CSR, Tech, and Nonprofits

The Evolving Relationship Among CSR, Tech, and Nonprofits

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  • Nice piece, team!  Box.org was happy to share our views for it. :)! Bry

  • As an aid worker, I've seen first hand the impact CSR initiatives can have in developing countries. Yes, it can be very positive. But one of my frustrations is how hard it is to get companies to *collaborate*, rather than just say, "Here we are, and here's what we think you need, so here's what we're going to do." Trying to get various businesses to understand the implications of tech use for women, for instance - it could avoid a lot of issues later if companies would sit down with various stakeholders and find out more about the culture, political landscape, and other challenges. Also, it's frustrating that so many CSR initiatives won't talk about FOSS options. Another frustration are events like hackathons, where lots of apps are developed to help people in the developing country - yet, months later, the apps aren't actually being used. I'd like to see a lot more evaluation of these tech projects six month and a year down the road - as much evaluation as press coverage of the launches. Again, I think CSR is great, I'm a fan, I love them - but I'd like to see tech companies do a lot more *listening* before they launch their initiatives.

  • Bryan, thanks for insights into Box.

    Jayne, it is critical to hear the experience of aid workers on the ground. With social media, there's certainly a better chance that CSR will listen more, as there is a cost/risk if they don't.

    The FOSS is obviously mixed for CSR, in the sense that some FOSS tools may directly compete with proprietary ones. So here, it's probably most realistic that non-tech CSR programs and the Foundation world be encouraged to consider FOSS more.

    Overall, your point about listening more to the needs is huge. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice to see this article on some fine product solutions from TechSoup and our partners. See what the community is saying about Tableau and join the conversation forums.techsoup.org/.../37455.aspx and check out our SoupChat with Box.org from earlier this year forums.techsoup.org/.../40159.aspx - lots of great info from the Box team!

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