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Office 2016 for Mac Now Available

Office 2016 for Mac Now Available

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  • If we purchased Office 2011 for Mac are we eligible for a free upgrade? If so, how does that work?

  • Hi kathywolf48,

    Microsoft isn't offering free upgrades to the new version of Office like they are for Windows 10.

    However, free upgrades to newer versions of a product are a benefit of Software Assurance included with Microsoft donations through TechSoup. This benefit allows you to download a newer version of a product if the upgrade is released within two years of your original donation request.

    If you requested Office 2011 for Mac through TechSoup less than two years ago, you can use your Software Assurance benefits to upgrade to Office for Mac 2016 at no cost. The upgrade should be available after you sign in to the VLSC.

    If it's been more than two years, you can request a new donated license through TechSoup for a small admin fee.

  • I bought this easily enough. But the process of getting the software is INSANELY complicated. I had to drag in our part time IT consultant to help, and she says I won't even be able to use the Mac's Download Manager to burn a DVD — and who burns DVDs these days?

  • cmquilter, wish I could help - as I use a Mac myself - but I'm not sure which 'process of getting software' you're referring to. From MS or from TechSoup? And what about the process was particularly grueling?

  • Chris_DLT, given the savings, my late mother would say I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth. (I never knew what that meant, exactly.) But the TechSoup Support  has a whole section devoted to Microsoft downloading, and the instructions go on and on. I buy all kinds of software online, and NEVER have seen a process as lengthy and complex as Microsoft's. I was thinking of asking for a refund until our IT consultant offered to burn a DVD for me.

  • Ah ok, so your issue seems to be with Microsoft - thanks for clarifying! Keep us in the loop with your adventure and let's see if we can suggest a few improvements when all is said and done.

  • CarlosB we did purchase though TechSoup and have software assurance, but I cannot find Office 2016 for Mac on the VLSC, although it shows we have 20 licenses available when I log in. Any ideas or can you tell me where to go for help?

  • Hi kathywolf48,

    If your Software Assurance was still in effect when Office 2016 for Mac was released you would be able to find it under Downloads and Keys in the VLSC. For instructions: www.techsoup.org/.../microsoft-download-help

    If it's not listed there, it means your Software Assurance benefits for those licenses expired before it was released. That's not uncommon for this product, since Software Assurance benefits last two years and Office 2011 for Mac became available about five years ago.

    You can still request donated upgrade licenses for Mac through TechSoup and pay the small admin fees rather than retail prices: www.techsoup.org/.../office-for-mac-standard--LS-3013--

  • Does the Office for Mac not include the Skype that comes on the PC version?

  • Hi homeworkhotline,

    That's correct. Office for Mac 2016 does not include Skype for Business. Microsoft hasn't released a Skype for Business client for Mac yet.

  • If I make this purchase, can I burn a DVD with the first download and use that to install the program on the rest of my computers?  My staff is spread out over two counties and not all have the same internet connections/speeds.

    We have a total of 19 Macs, both laptops and desktops. Having a hard copy would make it much easier for me to install the software, regardless of internet connection speed.

  • Is Office for Mac available in the Pro version?  We need Access on our Mac Laptop.

  • Hi jamesmarquez,

    Yes, and that is typically what people do when requesting multiple licenses. No need to burn to a disc 20 times for 20 licenses -- you can just use the same disc and enter your product key from the MS Volume Licensing Service Center during installation on each machine.

    More info on the process here, but these instructions will also be emailed to you once you place a request:


  • Hi pauliestevenson,

    There's only one edition of Office for Mac 2016, and Access is a Windows-only product. You could run Boot Camp on your Mac and install Windows to run Access or use virtualization software to run Windows and Access within Mac OS X.

    For more on virtualization:


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