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Save on Thousands of Products with JourneyEd.com for Nonprofits and Libraries

Save on Thousands of Products with JourneyEd.com for Nonprofits and Libraries

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  • I'm sorry, but I have to share that from what I'm seeing so far, this offer is really disappointing. Even with the nominal $10 fee, I don't see much value to this, if any. Information provided in your FAQs and related content is minimal, for one. Two, I can't go anywhere else to get more detail on the products, services, pricing, etc... that would help me determine whether our org could benefit. Third, the content that is shared is not at all convincing, and even borders on misleading, especially considering the results of my first two web searches for products in the example list above, which immediately revealed significantly better pricing from other sources. Lastly, a quick search on Journeyed turned up a disturbing number of very negative customer reviews, several of which were submitted in this calendar year. Am I just completely missing something here? Or maybe your vetting criteria has changed?

    In any case, I've now spent far more than $10 worth of my time on this, so hope the feedback is useful.



  • Totally agree with BoardMemberBar.  Journeyed is way overprice and not geared toward non-profits.  Compared four different items with Amazon and Journeyed was between 20 and 50 percent higher in cost. Very disappointed that TechSoup would promote such a bad deal.   Do yourself a favor and shop somewhere else.

  • BoardMemBar & carmelcooke - thanks very much for taking the time to post your comments.  You can get an idea on available products and prices by checking out the JourneyEd commercial site (www.journeyed.com).  Not all products are available in the TechSoup e-store and from time to time there will be some special product pricing for TechSoup members only.  Discounts vary by vendor and product. Make sure to compare the JourneyEd.com discounted pricing with product pricing from other sources.  Thanks.

  • Want to thank Barry and our CarmelCookie friend for posting - actually you are 100% right - you cannot assume JourneyEd has savings equivalent to TechSoup - I don't think any other single site can deliver the kind of consistent benefit to the nonprofit community that we've been able to put together here.

    As you explore JourneyEd, I know you'll find some items fully at retail. The reason why I began the relationship with them was because there ARE some great deals to be found, but you do need to do your homework, as Barb already recommended.  

    Especially amazing offers can be found on VMWare items, Corel and Camtasia to name a few.  We strongly felt it was worth opening up this opportunity to our users as there was no other way to make these stellar savings available to you.

    Since both of you did your research, I thank you for guiding our users about the right way to benefit from this offering and because of that your time was not really wasted, but a contribution to our entire family of users.

    As always, if you have special needs/requests you'd like to see on TechSoup, don't hesitate to post them on our Forum group "Technology Wish List".   I hope this background data helps you better understand why you see JourneyEd on our site today.

    Gayle Carpentier

    Chief Business Development Officer

    TechSoup Global

  • Thank you all for your comments. As Gayle and Barb mentioned, JourneyEd offers folks discounts on many of our products that were not previously available to nonprofits. Our VMware, Corel to name a few are products where you will find savings - we will be running monthly specials just for Tech Soup members - to start we are offering a savings off of the Kwikboost Charging Stations - these have been extremely successful in schools, libraries and hospitals - I welcome the opportunity to personally speak with anyone who has questions or suggestions about JourneyEd..

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