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Design, Create, and Inspire with Adobe Creative Cloud

Design, Create, and Inspire with Adobe Creative Cloud

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  • I am THRILLED to finally have this available!

  • Adobe has shut out a lot of customers through this renting scheme.  I'm sure larger non profits will be thrilled.  But for us small guys, the cost is prohibitive.  So long, Adobe.  It's been swell.

  • To share some information that we posted in the forums:

    •Our Adobe relationship managers worked hard to get the best deal possible. The technology landscape is changing to cloud computing in many cases and we work diligently to provide the best offer possible for nonprofits.

    •We understand that subscriptions require serious consideration as far as operation expenses. We respect the situation that many nonprofits are in. That is why we continue to offer a range of products and will continue to try bring in new offers that may better suit your needs.

    •Also note that we still offer Acrobat Pro XI and Photoshop Elements as a donation for desktop download if that interests you.

  • Is Photoshop Elements compatible with Photoshop CS6? If a file is created in CS6, can it be edited in Elements?

  • Hi oliveoyl,

    My understanding is that Photoshop Elements has some of the editing capabilities that CS does, but not all. So I think you might be able to open a file created in CS6 in Elements (it would probably depend on what type of file it was), but you might or might not be able to edit it, depending on which type of editing you wanted to do. Here's a blog post that compares the functionality in Adobe Photoshop Elements to that in Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud that I think will help, since it gives a lot of details about what type of editing you can do in Photoshop Elements (scroll down to the table):


  • Fantastic! Signing up today!

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