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How to Manage People Who Work Remotely

How to Manage People Who Work Remotely

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  • Telework, when it's unpaid, is virtual volunteering. When I started, there was no research regarding online volunteering, so I used a combination of traditional volunteer management research, resources and publications and telecommuting manuals to come up with the original suggestions for how to work remotely with volunteers using the Internet, promoted via the Virtual Volunteering Project.  Some of those resources can be found here: virtualvolunteering.wikispaces.com/remote

    Also, here is some of my own advice regarding how to manage online staff (paid or volunteer), and how staff can convince their work place to let them work remotely at least some of the time: www.coyotecommunications.com/.../telecommute.shtml

  • Its a great take the I got now from this post. Its really helpful for me I need to do some outsourcing work.Thanks.

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