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Telework Tales: The Tools We Use to Stay Connected (Part 1)

Telework Tales: The Tools We Use to Stay Connected (Part 1)

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  • When its volunteers (unpaid staff) engaged in telework, it's known as virtual volunteering, digital volunteering, e-volunteering, etc. TechSoup involves a lot of remote volunteers via its TechSoup Community Forum, and discussions frequently revolve around what tools they are using in both paid and unpaid remote work: forums.techsoup.org/.../f

  • Telework is something I've been doing since 2003. I work remotely as a consultant for many clients. One of the tools I like using to set up meetings is Calendly (http://calendly.com). There's no shortage of fancy tools out there, and I often find myself trying out the latest ones.

    Here's a telework tale that might surprise you: The telephone is one of my top three tools for telework. Sounds pretty unexciting, doesn't it? Well, it is. My goal wasn't to come here with a list of amazing tools, but rather to make the point that sometimes the simplest tools are all you need to get the job done.

    In my work as an online marketing professional, I use my landline telephone more often in one week than I use Skype in a year.

  • Skype and Google chat has been my go to tools for communicating with my South African partners. I plan to look into the Ready Talk audio platform as well after reading this feature.

  • Hi Jim, very nice post! I co-founded vyte.in, a free scheduling tool, while I was leaving in Sao Paulo in Brazil and had to work with people in France. Give it a try! It's free and featured on TechCrunch : https://www.vyte.in/meet

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