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Which Crowdfunding Platform Is Best for Your Organization?

Which Crowdfunding Platform Is Best for Your Organization?

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  • Part of any fundraising effort by a nonprofit should be to keep the costs of the campaign to a minimum. You failed to include some great Zero Overhead crowdfunding sites like YouCaring.com and Kapipal.com, neither of which charges any platform fees. The only cost to the organization are the credit card processing fees of 2.9% +.30.

  • If you're a nonprofit looking for a crowdfunding platform you should definitely check out StartSomeGood.com - the crowdfunding platform for nonprofits, social enterprises and changemakers. We've also put together our top tips for nonprofit crowdfunding success. Check them out here: http://buff.ly/1ahnaGw

    Natasha - www.startsomegood.com

  • Great article on all the different platforms to choose from. In regards to non profit crowdfunding there are several different avenues to take. I think the DIY approach can be very effective if you can build a fan base before you launch.


  • Oy vey! No mention of StayClassy?!?  Highly worthwhile to get over their awkward name: It's worked incredibly well for our med-sized non-profit.  SalesForce integration (hello!!) now in it's 3rd or 4th version, professional support and consulting, option for low-low fees if you buy-in.   BIG differentiator is the support and integration of peer-to-peer fundraising, to accompany traditional crowd-funding.    Staff is energetic, whip-smart, attentive, and constantly innovating.   Take peek at our most recent StayClassy campaign, in which the teens we served raised $11,000 in their first two weeks from their own communities, with MINIMUM support or processing from me and my team: fundraise.jsa.org/state.

  • This is a great list of platforms, there is also a platform called Noise 4 Good which is for musicians and charities to come together to create global impact.

    See what Jamsphere had to say: jamsphere.com/.../call-to-action-noise4good-empowers-musicians-and-their-fans-to-make-an-impact

    If you consider yourself an influencer, you should definitely sign up!

    Artists can sign up here: www.noise4good.com/.../signup

  • While all these are good, it is even better if we can know or discuss about all kinds of projects and their creators across the crowdfunding platforms. More so in case of frauds and here is a site I came across that aims to provide crowdfunding opportunities as well as protect funders from crowdfunding fraud. http://crowdfundersunite.com/

  • I am a business developer at Thrinacia. Thrinacia is a versatile SaaS whitelabel reward/donation crowdfunding technology. This is an excellent alternative to Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Razoo, etc. Thrinacia helps you build your own crowdfunding website with little or no coding experience. It is easy to use and very customizable.

    Here is a link to the website: https://www.thrinacia.com/

  • It is a very cool and great idea. I have a few very brilliant friends that have really benefited from <a href="crowdfund.co/.../a>.

  • Check out the best crowdfunding platform http://crowdfund.co/services/

  • When choosing a crowdfunding platform make sure that the website fits with what you are setting out to accomplish and meet your specific need. If you can't find a platform that meets your needs then consider building your own crowdfunding website.

    I work for a white label crowdfunding software company named Fundraisingscript(www.fundraisingscript.com/?id=shabbir) that provides clients with the ability to build and manage their own crowdfunding websites.Having a more concentrated platform for your campaign can help you break through the noise.

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