Storymakers 2014 logoTechSoup's 2014 Storymakers digital storytelling contest and event series is over. Our webinars live on and provide education on how to get your story noticed, super-short storytelling and what's needed for a stand-out story.

In keeping with our goal to help nonprofits, libraries, and social benefit organizations learn how to tell more compelling and more meaningful stories, we encourage you to go explore our learning resources.

Storymakers - Get Your Story Noticed!

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Kimberly Bryant from Black Girls CODE and Bailey Rosser from YouTube shared how to make sure your story stands out and is noticed! Kimberly Bryant and Black Girls Code was selected by Business Insider in 2013 on its list of's list of "The 25 Most Influential African-Americans in Technology".  Bailey Rosser is an audience development strategist at YouTube, who writes the YouTube Creator Playbook to help advise video creators on how to improve their reach and impact across YouTube.

Storymakers - Get Your Story Noticed! highlights different channels and tools to help promote your organization's story for good. 

Storymakers: Tell Your Library's Story

Not only will you hear from story experts across organizations, we'll also have a session dedicated exclusively to telling stories from a library - whether it's the library's own story or the stories from its community and patrons.

In our Storymakers: Tell Your Library's Story webinar, Oakland Public Library's Sharon McKellar and TechSoup's Ale Bezdikian shared tips on telling and collecting great stories from your library.

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Now On-Demand! Storymakers Round-Table: Creating a Break-Out Story

The first event, Storymakers Round-Table: Creating a Break-Out Story webinar wrapped up and was a huge success. 

Now you can enjoy the storymaking magic of these two pros, on demand, on our YouTube channel or ReadyTalk archive page (just click the links on the right side to download the PowerPoint, watch the recording, or listen to the podcast). 

This free event launched TechSoup's 2014 Storymakers event with a recipe for creating a break-out story and advice on where to turn for inspiration in a cluttered landscape. 

Super-Short Video: Vine, Instagram, and More!

Our second webinar focused on super-short videos you can make in a snap using your smartphone. The future is mobile and super-short storytelling is something nonprofits need to know.

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Storymakers Super-Short Video: Vine, Instagram, and More! on featured expert advice from:

  • Aaron Bramley, nonprofit filmmaker and founder/interim head of Lights.Camera.Help; and
  • Melissa Thompson, activist filmmaker, documentarian, and senior video producer for Greenpeace USA, which ran a Vine short-video contest to inspire their activist community to tell their own short stories about the environment for Earth Day 2014.

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There's still two webinars lefts in our Storymakers 2014 series, so register today to ensure that your spot is saved!

Becky Wiegand is the Webinar Program Manager at
@bajeckabean on Twitter