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What TechSoup Global Thinks About the New FCC Net Neutrality Decision

What TechSoup Global Thinks About the New FCC Net Neutrality Decision

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  • Thanks for the insightful post on such an important issue. I enjoyed hearing the perspective of different nonprofit folks. Kevin brought up a good point about delivery and consumption issues. Depending on where you are located, there's going to be a difference in what kind of delivery quality you get from services like Netflix. Regulation is key to any kind of non-net neutrality arrangement. First Amendment concerns are the biggest reason I support net neutrality. Vague rules open the door to the throttling (effectively, censorship) of unpopular speech and information that is vital to democracy.

  • As I understand it, the FCC isn't addressing tiered levels of service on the consumer end. ISPs are already doing that very successfully. Nor does it address the need for more overall bandwidth.

    Pure and simple, this ruling is about delivering increased profit to cable companies. How? By giving ISPs (i.e. Comcast and Time Warner) authority to charge competing content creators (i.e. Netflix and Hulu) more money for priority access to bandwidth -- bandwidth that the ISP will withhold from everyone who can't or won't pay up. In one fell swoop, it erases the basic tenets of internet fairness, restricts market competition, and squelches innovation (start ups will find it increasingly harder to enter the marketplace).

    The FCC has a long history of protecting the oligopoly of big media dating all the way back to the early days of radio. This is just the latest chapter.

  • It was helpful to read the various comments about this FCC ruling.  As a small nonprofit we struggle to pay the ISP.  This ruling seems to be harmful and ultimately more costly to the consumer.  I have long held that the internet is a utility and should be treated as such, much as the telephone service came to be.