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The No Excuses Guide to Getting Rid of Windows XP

The No Excuses Guide to Getting Rid of Windows XP

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  • Our database program for the client's we serve is running DOS as a DBase file and our software company because they are small has no plans to upgrade.  And because it would be very expensive to change over the database to another company we have had to keep Windows XP  Any suggesstions?  Would great appreciate them.


    Donad Martinez

    CCCS of Hawaii

  • If your application is running in a DOS window with XP I would expect it to also run under Windows 7 in much the same way. Did someone say this would not work?

    - Perhaps your software vendor would consider doing an upgrade for less than it would cost you to find a replacement product and migrate to it?

    - Is there any reason you need to leave XP for the time being? If not you can continue as you are doing now. My concern would only be that you may want to run some new software that won't work under XP.

    - If your software vendor will not upgrade, you could ask them for the "source files" if you don't have those. With the source you may be able to get your application to run under FoxPro or another xBase environment.

    - Lastly, depending on what your database does, it may make sense to move it to a web-based environment. While you may not want or need to run it over the Internet, a web server can be set up in your office and used only by people on your local area network. Having something that uses PHP or other open source software means that you can protect your investment from the situation you are in now.

    There are many options available but you may need to spend some time with a consultant to really know what is the best path for your organization.

  • Adobe InDesign is not supported by Windows 7.

  • On Adobe InDesign and Windows 7, according to the Adobe inDesign blog, Creative Suite 4 and later versions of Creative Suite run on Windows 7.


  • From the Windows Compatibility Center, "If you're running Windows XP or Windows Vista, tap or click Download Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant..." which I did since I'm running XP on my home desktop PC. When I launch the application I get the message, "This platform is not supported." Hmmm. Apparently the XPocalypse has taken place and somehow I survived it.