Nonprofits looking for constituent relationship management systems (CRM) are often enamored by the features and bells and whistles. Successful CRM, however starts with strategy – how does your nonprofit go about achieving your mission?

During Four Nonprofit CRM Strategies, a free hour-long webinar on Thursday, April 3 at 11 a.m. Pacific time (2 p.m. Eastern) with David Geilhufe of NetSuite, we'll review the basic concepts behind CRM, giving attendees a lay of the land.


  • Review four common nonprofit CRM strategies and do a deeper dive into each.
  • Discuss how your strategy influences selection, such as which features are most important.
  • Look at implementation implications – does your strategy mean you can do it yourself or that you need to engage consultants, for example.

This webinar is best suited for nonprofits and public library staff in the United States, but is open to participants worldwide.

Register today, as space is limited!

Becky Wiegand is the Webinar Program Manager at
@bajeckabean on Twitter