For nonprofits and libraries with little or no in-house tech staff, it can be difficult to determine when you can "wing it" and use your own skills for a technology project and when to rely on outside help. Some external tech help can take the form of friends or volunteers while other times you may need to call on professional, paid tech services.

In this hour-long, free webinar with Linda Widdop of Tech Impact, we'll discuss what managed IT services are, and how to determine which projects and ongoing technology needs are best handled by the pros. Register today for Tech 101: What Are Managed IT Services and When Should You Use Them.

Additionally, we'll:

  • Discuss what considerations may make managed services the preferred path financially, based on Total Cost of Ownership
  • Share some thoughts on measuring the return on your investment
  • Hear from a nonprofit about their experience using managed IT services

This webinar is part of an ongoing Tech 101 series, specifically tailored to the needs of non-technical nonprofit, library, and charity staff who are seeking guidance on basic technology decisions.

Register today, as space is limited!

Please contact with accessibility requests for live captioning within 72 hours of the event.

Becky Wiegand is the Webinar Program Manager at
@bajeckabean on Twitter