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My Tech Hero

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Here in the Bay Area, we have the pleasure of being surrounded by some of the greatest tech heroes of all time. Can you think of a few? Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook? Tim Cook from Apple? Or perhaps your tech hero is Ron from your own IT department  the one guy on staff you can't live without because only he knows how to fix your temperamental computer.

Throughout this month of giving and gratitude, we'd like to show some love to the technology heroes we couldn't live without.

Please upload your hero's photo on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter OR simply mention them to us @TechSoup using the hashtag #MyTechHero with a brief blurb about why you think they are stellar. 

Here are some of our Social Media Team tech heroes:


#MyTechHero is Caterina Fake - Flickr Founder. Who's yours?

 Photo is by Richard Morgenstein 

Alexandra Bezdikian
Interactive Events and Video Producer
TechSoup Global

  • I'll be tweeting this out as well - but my tech hero is Steve Glikbarg. While getting his MBA at Stanford back in the early 90s, Steve and his fellow students envisioned an online tool where people that wanted to volunteer could look for activities in their communities. ImpactOnline became a reality in 1994 - and it's now called VolunteerMatch. Steve also started promoting virtual volunteering almost from day one that the site launched (he may have coined the term - I've never known for sure). I met him because I was also, on my own, trying to get nonprofits in Silicon Valley interested in computers and the Internet - and resistance to such was rather strong. He and an Impact Online co-founder started the Virtual Volunteering Project in 1996, to get more nonprofits to embrace volunteer engagement via the Internet. He really has been quite a pioneer regarding nonprofits and online tech. To this day, he remains a sounding board for me for some of my crazy tech ideas.