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The Power of the Crowd: A New Frontier in Disaster Response

The Power of the Crowd: A New Frontier in Disaster Response

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In times of disaster, social media can provide an on-the-ground view of what's happening, who needs help, and where they're located. But this high volume of information can be overwhelming for relief organizations. A new set of micro-tasking apps, called MicroMappers, are trying to solve this problem so relief organizations can help volunteers pinpoint exactly where help is needed and identify useful (not to mention valid) social media data.  TechSoup's Senior Content Manager Ariel Gilbert-Knight details how the MicroMappers apps work in the Guardian Global Development Professionals Network, a blog associated with The Guardian.  

The Guardian Professional Network is a space where professionals can share knowledge and expertise around global development and social justice. The authors come from varying sectors, including NGOs, government agencies, academia, and business. The network is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as other global sponsors.  

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