Ask any mobile expert and they'll tell you that camera apps are blazing hot right now. If your organization isn't already using Instagram, Vine, or another video/photosharing tool, now is the time to start experimenting. These apps can give your volunteers, donors, and constituents an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the important work that you do.

What's New

Vine has arrived on Windows Phone, which is excellent news as many of the Nokia Windows Phones are equipped with high-end cameras. The Twitter-owned app lets you record six-second video clips and share them with your friends on various social media networks including Vine's own internal network. TechSoup's Ale Bezdikian tested out Vine during TechSoup's Digital Storytelling Contest

The other big news in digital storytelling apps is that Instagram now supports videos in addition to photos. The only downside to the feature is that you must use Instagram's in-app camera to record video; you can't use preexisting clips from your phone's camera roll.   

More Apps to Consider


Montaj (iOS)


Price: Free
Pros: Great storyboarding tools; Can import clips from camera roll (rather than internal app camera)
Cons: Videos can only be five seconds

At first glance, Montaj might seem like a cheap Vine rip-off as you only get five seconds instead of six to tell your story. But don't write Montaj off; the app packs some powerful storytelling tools. As the name implies, you can create montages with different video clips or still images. Using the app's storyboard, you can add music and filter effects and place the clips in your desired order. The app will also suggest arrangements for you based on its internal algorithm. If Vine doesn't provide enough editing options for you, give Montaj a spin.      

Adobe GroupPix (iOS)

Pros: Simple solution for a common problem; clean user interface
Cons: Not everybody has an iPhone; must use the in-app camera

Have you ever gone through the trouble of tracking down photos from a fundraiser or event? With so many people carrying smartphones these days, it can be difficult to compile everybody's photos. When everybody at your event uses Adobe's GroupPix app, it saves your photos to a shared album. You can even add comments to the photos during the event and tag your favorite photos for sorting purposes later.  

YouTube Capture (iOS)


Price: Free
Pros: Easy-to-use editing tools; recording video is quicker than using built-in camera
Cons: Limited number of soundtracks to choose from; don't go crazy with the effects

Don't forget about YouTube! The pioneering video social network is still an excellent medium to bring awareness to your cause. Make your videos viral-worthy with YouTube Capture, an app that makes video editing intuitive. Besides the editing features, the YouTube Capture app is much faster recording video is than your phone's standard camera app.  There might be temptation to go overboard with some of the video effects, however, which could make your video look a bit cheesy. The generic soundtracks, for example, should be skipped.

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Ginny Mies is a Content Curator at TechSoup Global.