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Resources to Jumpstart Your Nonprofit's Mobile Strategy

Resources to Jumpstart Your Nonprofit's Mobile Strategy

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  • Thanks for the post, Ginny! Mobile is such an important topic right now, and both for-profit and nonprofit organizations are behind the curve in adopting it.

    I'm definitely a proponent of responsive web design versus mobile websites or apps for nonprofits. I'm glad you put in a plug for that. Unless you're a large organization doing a lot of group-based funding (like fun runs, etc.) I don't know that having apps is worth the investment for a lot of organizations. Not to mention that they're just plain out of reach for many.

  • I'm glad you found it helpful, carywalski! You make a great point about apps being out of reach for some people. Not everybody has a smartphone that can support them. Plus, it is pretty difficult (and expensive) to make an app that is compatible with every phone OS.

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