We're everywhere, Man!

The Internet has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to online nonprofit tech education. Webinars? Check! Tutorials? You betcha! Blogs? Heck yeah!

But what if you learn best face-to-face or with a group? That’s what NetSquared Local is for! We’ve a global network of 50 #nptech meetups with chapters in 50 countries. If you want to keep your nonprofit tech skills sharp join your neighborhood group.  With ten events this week, there’s a meetup and a topic for you.

This Week’s NetSquared Events

Tuesday, July 9

Wednesday, July 10

Thursday, July 11

Don’t have a local NetSquared Local group? We’d love to help you start a new meetup.

Event Reports

What have NetSquared Local groups been up to recently? Check out the blog to keep on top of the gossip from our community.

  • Birgit Pauli-Haack in Naples, Florida answers the question “Why Wordpress?
  • Vancouver’s Net Tuesday begins their eight-part series on Video for Nonprofits with a look at content strategy.
  • Wondering what’s going on in San Francisco’s #nptech scene? Regina Walton’s monthly roundup provides the answer.

That’s all for now. Join us next week to learn what nonprofit techies are doing in your community.