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Fundraising: The Tech Tools You Need

Fundraising: The Tech Tools You Need

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Social media and the Internet have completely changed the way people donate money and discover causes they're interested in. To help your organization find the tools it needs, we have compiled a list of the best software and web-based tools along with resources on how to meet the many challenges of modern fundraising.

Donated Fundraising Tools from TechSoup

TechSoup offers a wide variety of fundraising tools through its donation programs. From developing your own online store to taking donations from your phone, TechSoup has you covered.

  • New to TechSoup, Teespring is an online fundraising platform that allows organizations to launch free web-based campaigns offering custom-branded shirts. Teespring offers consultation services to help organizations with shirt design, marketing strategy, and account management. Your supporters will not only look fashionable, but also spread awareness about your organization. 
  • Looking for a web-based software application for fundraising and contact management for donors and other contacts? eTapestry is a cloud-based tool that is ideal for organizations with remote staff or volunteers.
  • Becoming a GrantStation member gives your organization access to web-based grant research tools as well as a comprehensive list of current sources of grant money.   
  • Searching for prospects? NOZAsearch from Blackbaud is a web-based database of charitable giving intended as a prospect-research tool for nonprofit organizations.
  • Build an online store and raise funds for your organization with Shopify. You can set up a store on a new or existing website and customize it to meet your organization's needs.  
  • PayAnywhere is a mobile and web-based payment processing service that lets you accept donations from just about anywhere. Any staff member or volunteer with a smartphone can plug in the PayAnywhere card reader and take donations on the spot.
  • With Telosa Exceed! Basic 3.0, you can organize and track donor gifts, create fundraising campaign emails, and much more.
  • Simplify the fundraising process with DonorPerfect, a completely web-based donor management system.

Online and Social Media Fundraising Tools

Want to reach donors online or via social media? There are a variety of tools and platforms out there, many of them are free, to help you galvanize your supporters online.  

  • Network for Good offers a suite of fundraising services as well as training to small- and medium-sized organizations. 
  • Sort of like a Kickstarter for nonprofits, Fundly is a social fundraising platform. 
  • Crowdrise is another online platform for creating quick and easy fundraising webpages. Setting up a basic page is free, but there are also paid accounts which give you access to more features.   
  • Perhaps the most ubiquitous fundraising app on social media, the Causes platform lets Facebook users launch and participate in online campaigns, including fundraising, signing petitions, and garnering attention for a cause.
  •  FundRazr is a crowdfunding platform that helps organizations raise awareness and donations for their cause. You can easily share your project on Facebook, Twitter, websites, and email.  

Mobile Fundraising Tools and Apps

Mobile fundraising apps make it easy to connect with donors and track campaigns right from your smartphone. Discover mobile fundraising tools in our Cool App Round-Up: Fundraising Edition as well as some examples of apps that make fundraising interactive and entertaining.  

Donating via text message is one of the easiest ways to raise money for your organization. The Connect2Give discount program at TechSoup provides mobile donation and communication services to eligible nonprofits, charities, and public libraries. 

More Fundraising Resources

TechSoup has dozens of resources on fundraising tools and best practices available. Start exploring on Fundraising Articles and How-tos page or take a look at some of selected articles:

Do you use a fundraising tool that isn't listed here? Share with us in the comments or join the discussion in the TechSoup Community forums

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Ginny Mies is a Content Curator at TechSoup Global.

  • I love Shopify so much. So worth using and so easy to make a stunning looking online store or donation page. Definitely a +1 from me on that one.

    Ginny, can I suggest an addition to the list? I don't know if this is against the rules here as I am connected to the product - feel free to edit or delete if I'm stepping over the line.

    EnvoyRelate ( ) is a donor management tool that makes donor care for small nonprofits easy as pie. We've found it to be an awesome tool for small nonprofits (I suppose like many using TechSoup) because it's not a big database system that costs heaps or requires much skill. It fits really nicely with something like a Shopify/Mailchimp combination or just plain old reporting on what financial data is coming through your website.

  • We are looking at Razoo & as our two choices. Anyone have any experience with either?

  • Matt (MVFYMCA) - that would be a *great* question to ask on the software branch of the TechSoup community:

  • Are you saying, "If I join the program, I can get donations from different companies, etc. . . .

  • Just last week I was dismayed to find that ChipIn is no longer operating, since it was apparently bought out by a different company in February and shut down. I used ChipIn for both charity-related projects but also for gift giving from groups of friends (group baby shower gifts, helping support a friend on a trip to Haiti to bring supplies and medical expertise, etc).

    I wish there was a new ChipIn, and I've done a little looking around and see that some companies have tried to position themselves as the latest and greatest version, but I was still sad to see that a great, easy tool is no longer available. If you click through on your link above, you'll see the note from the company about no longer letting folks "chip in" and no mention of any type of replacement planned. :(

  • We are looking closely at DonorSnap. it seems to be a full feature product for a small price.

  • Our company has just launched a new on-line silent auction software service called

    We offer one low-cost fixed price based on auction duration, so you can keep more of the funds you raise.

    NO annual hosting fee. NO expensive setup fee. NO variable percentage pricing. Reach more bidders, Raise more money. enables nonprofit organizations to create on-line silent auctions one, two or even

    three months before the day of their event. Event attendees are able to view auction catalog items and

    choose their favorites before the event. They can even place their bids on-line.