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Symantec Endpoint Protection Now in the Cloud

Symantec Endpoint Protection Now in the Cloud

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TechSoup now offers the latest version of Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition. It includes the same level of protection offered in earlier versions, including antivirus and antispyware protection, desktop firewall, intrusion prevention system, and proactive threat scanning, but with one big update.

Cloud-Based Management

As with previous versions, Endpoint Protection can be installed on a server and used to locally manage your endpoints. With the 2013 version, though, you have a new option: you can manage endpoint protection by using a cloud management service. (Note that if any of your endpoints run Mac OS X, you can't use cloud-based management.)

The cloud service,, provides all of the same coverage features of the locally-managed service, so you don't have to sacrifice security for convenience. You can also manage your security requirements through a web-based console without any extra hardware or management software.

Endpoints also automatically receive the latest security updates from Symantec. This allows system administrators to keep endpoints current without spending the time or effort of manually applying updates or security profiles.

Getting Endpoint Protection

Symantec makes it easy to migrate to the cloud. After requesting Endpoint Protection from TechSoup, you'll receive an email from TechSoup explaining the fulfillment process. Within two business days of receiving that email, Symantec will email you a certificate that includes a serial number for each Endpoint Protection product you've requested.

You'll then visit the site, enter the serial number, and either log in with your account or create one. Once you have logged into, you can choose to either activate the cloud-managed service or the on-premises service.

Not ready to try the cloud? Not a problem. Symantec gives you the option when you request the product, and you can always switch over to the cloud when you're ready, even after the software has been installed and set up.

Learn more about Symantec Endpoint Protection 2013 Small Business Edition.

Wes is a Web Content Developer at TechSoup.

  • Hi, our organization purchased the Cloud EndPointe 2013 from Techsoup and the Lic Serial Number did don't work.. LaMont Davis

  • We need to renew our endpoint protection but they are now listed as "out of stock". Will they be back in stock soon or is the Endpoint package no longer available as a donated product?

    Thank you,

    Jacob Bushnell

  • I have the same question as Jacob.  Will Symantec be providing more licenses through Techsoup?  It has been a great service for our public library!

  • Same Question, Will Endpoint become available?

  • Hi, Our organization has been a subscriber for many years and purchased through CDW. Since I must renew my subscription for 70 can I do this through Techsoup and if so what steps must be taken. thanks, Donald Swoboda