TechSoup's DigiToolbox is back to demo another tool you can pick up to tell your digital story. Have you heard of Animoto? I would recommend Animoto for any user who doesn’t have a lot of time to put into production or into learning specific technologies, but yet needs to churn out a high volume of videos. If that sounds like you, Animoto may be the way to go as this tool is made to be easy straight out of the box.

Animoto is not a typical editing platform and does not provide customizations to the degree of iMovie or MovieMaker, for example. You literally choose between a number of templates for your video, include a set of photos or videos from your personal files, set the duration of the video based on the song you choose, pay attention to the few options you have in terms of adding text and spotlighting certain frames, hit submit, and then the tool generates a unique sequence for you based on all your inputs. That's it!

Let's create a video together by first following the steps outlined below. Please follow along in this demo for more information on how to use this online tool.

Step 1 - Sign Up

To get started with Animoto, either first Sign Up or  Sign In  in to your free or existing account. Animoto is free to users creating 30-second videos, but also does come in the Plus and Pro account options which give the user slightly more options and flexibility in terms of templates and music.

Step 2 - Create Video

Click "Create Video" in the upper right to begin.

Step 3 - Choose a Style

The style you pick is the biggest factor in the outcome of what your video will look and feel like. Before you submit a style, you can go through and click on any of the styles to see a preview of what a video would look like in that style. In the video we created together, I used the "Vibrance" template style.

Step 4 - Add Images & Music

Animoto will then automatically walk you through the steps required to create your video, including uploading photos and video clips, choosing a song, as well as using the dashboard to spotlight and feature photos.

Step 5 - Produce & Share!

Should you choose to publish your video after you view it in preview mode, simply hit the green "Produce Video" button and wait as your video is created right then and there!

Finally, take a look at what we created together in the YouTube video below.

Alexandra Bezdikian
Interactive Events and Video Producer
TechSoup Global