TechSoup Member Spotlight in Zeega

Last time we brought you Vine. This time, I reached into the TechSoup DigiToolbox for digital story-making and discovered the dynamic and immersive platform that is Zeega. This is the story of my first great adventure to create a new and improved way to present our TechSoup Member Spotlight Series, and the beginning of a beautiful love story. Click the image above to view the multimedia slideshow.

From Alpha to Zeega

There's something special about Zeega. I can feel it. Something exciting and groundbreaking underneath its somewhat steely exterior and clunky-ish back-end. As an early adopter at this point, you need to look beyond the bugs that inevitably pop up in beta and buy in to the vision. Because it's the vision of possibilities now available at my fingertips that really put a twinkle in my eye.

Combining a slideshow functionality that has a comfortable feel like PowerPoint, with an editor that allows for dynamic transitions and story building, Zeega allows you to create unique and interactive content curated from all corners of the web. You can grab videos from YouTube, photos from Flickr, sound clips, and music from the cloud to create meaningful and engaging digital stories. Because of its "pull content as you go" quality, literally the entire web is your content playground.

Already within the community of Zeega early adopters, you can see a radical shift in the way information is presented and consumed. I can see how documentary film and online media production will change. How broadcast journalists could piece together more engaging and investigative pieces. The ways nonprofits, libraries, and charities all over can use Zeega to capture and share the impact of their work. 

Here at Techsoup, I'll continue to experiment with Zeega, and will report back with more of the member spotlight series that will take you on an adventure also.

Alexandra Bezdikian
Interactive Events and Video Producer
TechSoup Global