TechSoup's 2013 Digital Storytelling ChallengeThe TechSoup Digital Storytelling Challenge is back and there are some great prizes in store for organizations with the most creative, compelling, and entertaining stories.

However, before we can talk about prizes or even sending submissions, we need to cover how to create those digital stories.

Fortunately, TechSoup’s generous donors offer the following range of tools to create powerful digital stories.

Adobe LogoAdobe: Adobe products aren’t just for creative professionals — with a little know-how you too can make powerful digital images and videos. Use Adobe's Photoshop CS6 or Photoshop Elements to refine photos or create motion graphics. Or try Adobe's Creative Suite 6 Production Premium to add visual effects and edit your videos. Still not sure you have what it takes to tell your story with Adobe? Then check out these tips from nonprofit, Center for Urban Pedagogy.

    Citrix logoCitrix Online: Do you work within a distributed work team? Then tools like GoToMyPC, GoToMeeting, and GoToWebinar from Citrix Online let you share your desktop and collaborate with your creative team. You can use Citrix’s webinar tools to teach your team how they can contribute to digital story development. If you’ve never created a digital story with a distributed team, then read this recap to learn how some well-known nonprofit storytellers do it.

      Flickr logoFlickr: You’re probably already familiar with Flickr's features such as the ability to upload from anywhere, tag photos, create sets, and create or join groups. But are you aware of the extra tools available through Flickr Pro? Flickr Pro gives you unlimited photo and video uploads and storage. You can even discover your best photos by looking at your image stats. Use your most powerful images to create galleries that you can post to your website or social media channels.


          Microsoft logoMicrosoft: If you’re solely using Microsoft products to create written documents and presentations, then you’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible with Microsoft. PowerPoint 2013 can be used to create image slides and animations like nonprofit Trickle Up did. You can also use Visio 2013 to make dynamic diagrams and charts for your story.

            ReadyTalk logoReadyTalk: ReadyTalk’s web and audio conferencing tools let you stay connected with your digital storytelling team and supporters. Work with staff and volunteers wherever they are to provide training or share drafts and elicit feedback. And when you’re done, use ReadyTalk to share your story with your audience.

              Esri logoEsri: Show where your organization is making an impact or how its impact has evolved with Esri. Use Esri’s geographic information system software to create maps that tell your story. With GIS tools, nonprofits have been able to identify homeless populations in San Diego, plan public utilities in small, underserved communities in Ohio, and track food bank services to low-income neighborhoods in Texas and California. 

                As you can see, TechSoup and its donor partners have a lot of digital storytelling tools to offer. So pick your tools and get started!

                And don’t forget to stay tuned for more digital storytelling how-to’s on the TechSoup blog.

                Susan Chavez
                Online Community & Social Media Team, TechSoup Global