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It's easy to see why Twitter wanted a foothold in the video messaging game — dynamic storytelling apps like Instagram and Cinemagram have literally redefined the way we post and share life moments in mobile. It was only a matter of time then, that Twitter re-imagined its 140 character limit and came up with an invigorating new life force. So, how did Twitter respond to the marketplace demand? Enter the many fruits of Vine

Vine logoTwitter recently launched its nifty video-looping service earlier this year in January, and already the app is gaining steam like none other. Like its parent company Twitter, Vine boasts an inherent limit that may or may not be a blessing in disguise: with this app, you have six seconds or less to tell your story. Now, those six seconds don't have to be consecutive — you just start and stop recording by tapping on the screen making it all kinds of interesting for stop-motion and GIF-like animations. But those six seconds do need to be catchy otherwise.

Here are some interesting ways nonprofits and charities are using Vine in the UK and abroad:

By UK charity, Tenovus 


By Dogs Trust, UK


By Diabetes UK, announcing the winner of their competition


And this one by PBS


Recently, I tried Vine for myself. I have to say, it was one of the easiest experiences to navigate after installing it on my iPhone. Shooting was intuitive. The user interface was clean and concise. The only problem I had was while uploading my clip. That is to say, I had to upload and upload again a few times. In the end, this is the short bit I created for our annual Digital Storytelling Challenge: 


Do those examples get you thinking about your own cause? They should! Here are suggested ways your nonprofit, library, or social benefit organization can maximize 6 seconds using Vine too:

  • Do you have an awards gala or charity dinner coming up? Share live video and a few sound bites on Vine.
  • Capture and share interesting footage from doing work "in the field" outside of your office. 
  • Vine gives you another way to communicate with supporters and donors. Make them a thank you Vine video.
  • You could create donor or member testimonials and spotlights — ask people to share why they care about your organization or cause.
  • Capture moments at engaging events like hack-a-thons or community meetups. Seeing people using tools and technologies that make an impact is highly engaging versus just reading about it.

So, what do you think? Is Vine going to keep growing? We'd love to hear your predictions in the comments. And for more digital storytelling tools and resources, check out

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Alexandra Bezdikian
Interactive Events and Video Producer
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