Stories are the currency of community. They shape our experience. They drive us to think, act, and change.

Here at TechSoup, we know that successful storytelling does not happen in a blink of an eye, out of thin air, or by pressing a magic button. In fact, we know that storytelling done right is a multi-tiered process that requires working with staff, donors, and beneficiaries, oftentimes with additional effort to organize, produce, and publish assets to the web. What is needed is space to create. Enter empowerment and encouragement.

In short, successful storytelling is as much about making it an organizational priority and incorporating it into everything you do, as it is about the technology you use.

Please join us on April 4 at 11 a.m. Pacific time for this first installment of our 2013 TechSoup Digital Storytelling Challenge webinar series, Creating a Culture of Storytelling. Our guests will speak to the importance of creating a culture of storytelling at your nonprofit, library, charity, or social benefit organization.


Image: The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

Alexandra Bezdikian
Interactive Events and Video Producer
TechSoup Global