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Configuring QuickBooks for Use in a Nonprofit: Using "Customer/Jobs" and "Classes" Utilities

Configuring QuickBooks for Use in a Nonprofit: Using "Customer/Jobs" and "Classes" Utilities

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  • Can you tell me where can I find all six steps (the blogs)?

  • Hi npwa,

    If you click on the tag "QuickBooks" at the bottom of this post, you'll be able to see all four posts in the series (that covered the six steps) as well as other QuickBooks related content and webinars.

    Here's the link: forums.techsoup.org/.../QuickBooks

    Hope that helps!


  • In addition to this blog series, Mark conducted a webinar with TechSoup. You can view the archived recording here along with a variety of the resources, samples, and sites he recommends for learning more.


  • If you set up classes based on various programs the nonprofit is involved in, how then do you distinguish admin, development versus program expenses?

  • I have been using QuickBooks for five years and gone to a few trainings--and bought the book. This is the first true explanation of what the heck customers/jobs are for a nonprofit. Thanks so much.

  • Npsahm, this would be a great question for the TechSoup Community. forums.techsoup.org/.../20.aspx

  • Your take on classes here doesn't seem to be fully consistent with the UCOA's approach, which you mention in setting up accounts in the first post. Breaking out programs like this makes sense, but shouldn't you also have classes for fundraising and management and general (and possibly common costs)?

  • thanks, this is great. My big question is how to see the employers payroll costs divided into classes (projects). Also worker comp payments.

  • RE: The Labor Distribution in a Nonprofit. If you are using QuickBooks payroll you would create the labor distribution using the Jobs and Classes you setup originally. I have many clients who use an outside payroll service. For those clients using an outside service I create a labor distribution "matrix" using a spreadsheet software. I setup the Jobs and classes along the horizontal axis and the names of each employee along the verticle axis. I insert the perentage distribution for each employee at each coordinate cell. Once I do this, I schedule a meeting withe the Payroll Company and ask if they can setup the payroll based upon the labor distribution I setup. Normally this is easily done by the payroll company. What normally happens is that the Payroll company sets up screens in their software that allow the Nonprofit to process payroll using the jobs an classes setup in implementation, It also allows for the flexibility to add new jobs and classes and more importantly to change the percentages for each employee as the Nonprofit gains and loses old and new jobs and classes. Hope this helps.

    Mark McCallick, CPA.CITP

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