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Configuring QuickBooks for Use in a Nonprofit: Setting Up the Chart of Accounts

Configuring QuickBooks for Use in a Nonprofit: Setting Up the Chart of Accounts

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Attachment: Sample NP Chart of Accounts with Func Exp Cat_.xls
  • in your suggested method #1 for chart of accounts, you reference an excel sample chart of accounts "at the very bottom of the post".  i would love to see it but can't find it anywhere in the post.  am i just missing it?  or has it disappeared?

  • Sorry about that. We recently switched to a new blog tool and it looks like some of the previously attached content has not moved over. Sorry for any inconvenience. I'll try to locate it and re-attach to this post.

  • I'd love to see this sample chart of accounts as well. :-)

  • Hi everyone,

    Apologies for the delay in getting the sample re-attached. We had some technical issues when we moved our blog over to the new tool, so I apologize for any inconvenience. You should now be able to see the sample file directly above the tags at the end of the post.



  • In addition to this blog series, Mark conducted a webinar with TechSoup. You can view the archived recording here along with a variety of the resources, samples, and sites he recommends for learning more.


  • How can I access the other posts listed (Steps 3 thru 6)?

  • Hi WEMinistries,

    You can see all the steps by looking at the QuickBooks tag here: forums.techsoup.org/.../QuickBooks

    He combined all six of his steps into four blog posts.





  • I've learned a lot from these forum posts. We have been using Quickbooks incorrectly for years. We need to get it set up correctly. I'm assuming the only way to do this is to start over from scratch?

  • Is this still current with the new Quickbooks 2013?  Am confused that the date of the blog posts is Feb 2013 but the comments are all from 2011...

  • To Ostego2000,

    Thanks for your post. The setup and implementation I explain in these updated blogs will work on QB 2013. Hope this helps.

  • I just installed QB and glanced at it quickly. It appears that a chart of accounts is already there? Do I need to get rid of those or can I rename them to fit my non-profit?

  • We operate gift shops and tours in our visitors center and museum as well as running interpretive and educational programs. We're working on setting up QB Premier 2015 for Nonprofits. I'm following your suggestion for building a chart of accounts with expenses broken down into Programs, Admin, and Fundraising. Would all of our expenses related to running the shops be under Fundraising?

  • I'm setting up QB for a photography club that just qualified for 501(c ) 3 status.  Our budget lists each committee or group funding.  Now do I make them my accounts or classes?  Several of them will have sub-categories.  Just saw a great webinar, but a little confused as to route to go.  Example:  Special Events will have subs of Banquet, Picnic, Socials, Receptions, and Supplies.  Do I put Special Events as an account?

  • Does the Nonprofit version of QuickBooks identify Net Income as Unrestricted Net Assets and allow you to rebalance the net assets each month?  I'm setting up a client without the NFP version just to get them going but would like to be sure the NFP version will allow us to rebalance each month.  Thank you.