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2012 Nonprofit Technology Year in Review

2012 Nonprofit Technology Year in Review

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  • No disrespect to Ms. Bernholz, but I haven't heard most of her philanthropy buzz words used much at all among nonprofit orgs or volunteers.

    The big buzz word of 2012 for nonprofits, IMO, was micro: microtasking, microworking, microvolunteering, microgiving. The terms have been around for a while, and the practice of microvolunteering is as old as the Internet (and if you count things like community candy wraps and knit-ins and even beach clean ups, you could say it's even older), but they've really taken off in 2012, to the point of showing up on training calendars by various nonprofit support centers.

    The other big buzz word of 2012, IMO: engagement. We're not managing volunteers, we're *engaging* volunteers. We're not marketing to the community, we're *engaging* with the community. We're not recruiting partners, we're *engaging* with partners. And I don't want to sound like I don't like the word - I actually do like it. A lot. I think it gets a point across much better with regard to how nonprofits and other community groups work.

    I don't see either of these words losing steam in 2013. But I still fantasize about coming up with a new hot jargon term for "email".

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