Facebook thumbs-up icon By now, you've probably heard all the benefits of building a social media presence on Facebook or Twitter. So what's the secret to maintaining a popular Facebook profile or Twitter account?

We've compiled a list of resources including articles, blog posts, webinars, and case studies on best social media practices from our global network.


TechSoup's Social Media Resources page has everything from a social media glossary to an overview of Web 2.0. Here are even more blog posts, articles, and event recaps to get you started:

  • Facebook uses an algorithm called EdgeRank to determine the makeup of each user's news feed. Learn how to maximize the reach of your nonprofit or library's posts to Facebook.
  • A good social media policy provides clear guidelines on what staff should do when posting and interacting with constituents, volunteers, and donors.
  • TechSoup's Nonprofit Social Media 101 Wiki is designed to be a starting place for organizations just getting started on social media.
  • What is content curation and why should your organization try it? Read a recap of TechSoup and TechSoup Romania's Tweet Chat, which explored content curation and discussed the best tools for it.
  • TechSoup's Digital Storytelling Challenge tweet chat gathered nonprofit video experts and other experienced storytellers to share what works, what channels are best and more when it comes to sharing videos over social media.
  • Not sure if your followers are paying attention to you on Twitter? Here are three tools to measure audience engagement on social media.
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn's new features to tell your organization's story.
  • What's the difference between an organization that uses social media and a social organization? Maria Ogneva, director of community at Yammer, spoke at a San Francisco online community event about how to make your organization go social.

Connecting Up

Connecting Up (CU) spent the month of November sharing blog posts, articles, and other events to help nonprofits better use social media. CU held social media forums in Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne offering practical advice for nonprofits. Additionally, representatives from local nonprofits shared their experiences with social media at the various forums.

  • Before jumping head first into social media, your organization should have a strategy. Here are five questions to explore when building a social media presence.
  • CU's Facebook Timeline for Pages Super-Guide shares tips on how to customize your organization's Facebook page. The guide also includes a handy, downloadable cheat sheet for reference.
  • Find out how to increase engagement on Facebook by using the new pinned post feature on your timeline.
  • Read an account of how Canteen, an Australian nonprofit dedicated to supporting teenagers with cancer, used social media to raise awareness for an online and offline campaign.
  • Want to get started on Twitter but don't know where to start? Read CU's Twitter 101 for Nonprofits.

TechSoup Canada

In addition to its social media resources, TechSoup Canada covers a variety of tech tools pertinent to nonprofits and libraries.

TechSoup for Libraries

Social media is a powerful tool for libraries as well. Take a look at some of the resources from TechSoup for Libraries:

  • Social media can help a library reach key stakeholders in a community. Here are some tips and resources on where to get started.
  • Read a first-hand account from Jeff Dawson, director of the Lester Public Library in Wisconsin,on how this rural library built up its social media presence.


NetSquared Local groups from around the world are using social media in a variety of ways to promote and collaborate on innovative projects.

  • Read about how the NetSquared Local Warsaw group (NetWtorek) advertises its events through social media.
  • NetSquared Adelaide held an event called Social Media Surgery in which local community and nonprofit organizations get together to help each other build their social media presence.

Got social media tips or advice? What does your organization do to communicate with your volunteers, fans, and constituents? Let us know in the comments or join the conversation in our Digital Engagement community forum.

Ginny Mies is a Content Curator at TechSoup Global.