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Make Your Fundraising Mobile with Connect2Give

Make Your Fundraising Mobile with Connect2Give

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  • Here are some examples of 2give (text to give) for $5/$10 donations billed to a cell phone bill:

    Sandy Relief:

    United Way NYC - Text RECOVERY to 52000 to donate $10

    Salvation Army NYC - Text SANY to 52000 to donate $10

    Bowery Mission - Text BOWERY to 20222 to donate $10


    National Parkinson Foundation - Text BEATPD to 52000 to donate $10

    Kidds Kids, The Kraddick Foundation - Text KIDD to 52000 to donate $10

    Feeding South Florida - Text EAT to 52000 to donate $10

    Claflin University - Text CLAFLIN to 52000 to donate $10

    New World Symphony - Text NWS to 52000 to donate $10

  • And some examples of 2pledge/2web (mobile website):

    Fueled by the Fallen - Text HONOR to 91011


    Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress - Text MDSC to 91011


    Sonoran Institute - Text Delta to 91011


    Hope Autism Foundation - Text HAF to 91011


  • And finally, some examples of 2pledge (with nonprofit calling back pledges)

    Little Kids Rock - Text ROCK to 91011


    Florida Breast Cancer Foundation - Text FLBREAST to 91011


  • See webinar archive for "Explore the Possibilities of Mobile Giving" below:


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