Allison Schwalm is Marketing Engagement Manager at Network for Good and a new guest blogger on the blog.

We're Network for Good and it's a pleasure to meet you!

In 2001, tech giants AOL, Cisco, and Yahoo! got together to form our organization.

Nowadays, we offer a suite of fundraising services (plus, lots of training that will make you a fundraising superstar) to small- and medium-sized nonprofit organizations.

We're committed to helping nonprofits (just like yours) raise more money online.

The Broken Button

In 2007, a member of our staff had the opportunity to lead a session on fundraising at a major conference. Halfway through her presentation, a man raised his hand and said he had a donation button through Network for Good, but that it didn't work.

Dismayed and quite embarrassed, the presenter explained she would do whatever she could to fix the issue. The man continued to say that the function of the button was perfectly fine... but no one was clicking on it.

The story of the "broken button" eventually brought us to an important conclusion: Unless you tell a great story that gets people to click, your donation button isn't going to work.

Now, we strive to provide really great online fundraising tools and plenty of training to help you tell your story better so more people click (and donate!) to your cause.

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