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Cool App Roundup: Fundraising Edition

Cool App Roundup: Fundraising Edition

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Mobile fundraisingMobile has put a whole new spin on fundraising, connecting with donors, and kick-off campaigns. As part of the App It Up 2: Transforming Communities project, we had the opportunity to explore some of the latest mobile fundraising apps.  

We looked at mobile tools for fundraising as well as apps that incorporate some sort of fundraising into their platform.

Transforming Communities is a Microsoft-funded initiative that builds on what TechSoup and Microsoft already learned through the first App It Up project.

Mobile Fundraising Tools

These mobile tools help you fundraise on-the-go.

  • Razoo (iOS) helps you keep track of each donation, track your fundraising progress and thank people when they donate. It also uses the iPhone's notification system to alert you when you have a new donation.
  • DonorPerfect Mobile (Android, iOS) brings DonorPerfect's donor management software (also available as a TechSoup donation!) to your phone or tablet.  
  • Charity Fundraising Agent (Android, iPhone) helps you keep track of your fundraising campaigns by monitoring both online and offline donations.   
  • PayAnywhere (Android, BlackBerry, iOS) is a mobile and web-based payment processing service that lets you accept donations from just about anywhere. Any staff member or volunteer with a smartphone can plug in the PayAnywhere card reader and take donations on the spot. PayAnywhere is available from TechSoup, as well.  
  • Sage Mobile Payments (Android, BlackBerry, iOS) is another mobile payment service available through TechSoup. It converts your cell phone, smartphone, or tablet into a secure and convenient "use anywhere" credit card terminal to take donations on-the-fly. 
  • Shopify (iOS) lets you run an online store to raise money for your organization from anywhere in the world. The Shopify service (available through TechSoup!) can be customized to meet your organization's needs and run on either a new or existing website. 

Apps that Incorporate Fundraising

From gaming to storytelling, these apps make supporting a cause entertaining and interactive. 

  • See Your Impact (Windows Phone) is another microdonation app that lets you directly see the impact you're making on real peoples' lives. You can read through stories from various charities and nonprofits to learn where your donation will go. A few weeks after you donate, you'll get a notification with a photo and report of how your money helped.
  • Budge (iOS) is a microdonation app that aims to make donating to charities a social activity. You can set up simple competitions, like playing a game of chess or running a race, and challenge your friends. At stake is a small donation to a charity of your choice. 
  • Kiva7 (Windows Phone) brings your Kiva portfolio to your Windows phone. You can search for new loans or track your donation via your phone.  
  • Giving (Facebook) uses mGive's text-to-give platform to bring easy donating to Facebook. Users can add the Giving application to their Facebook profile and then browse for their favorite nonprofit or charity. You can click on a worthy cause of your choice to learn how to donate via your mobile phone.
  • Charity Miles (Android, iPhone) lets you earn corporate sponsorships for charity by walking, running, or biking. You can pick from a handful of charities (such as the ASPCA, AutismSpeaks, Habitat for Humanity, and others) and earn money for your favorite cause by working out.
  • Snoball (foursquare) associates foursquare "check-ins" with donating to social causes. For example, after Hurricane Sandy, New York City residents could associate their check-ins around the city with donating to a cause of their choice, such as the American Red Cross. 
  • Oxfam (Windows Phone) displays the latest news, stories, and opinions from the Oxfam staff and its partners around the world. You can also donate to Oxfam's poverty-fighting mission through the app. 

App Alternatives

Looking to reach donors by way of their smartphones? You don't necessarily need an app to do that! An easy solution is to optimize your online donation page for smartphone browsers. Watch a replay of a webinar from TechSoup Canada to learn how to make your donation page accessible to mobile phones.  

Receiving donations via text message is one of the easiest ways to raise money for your organization. The Mobile Giving Foundation is a great place to start find resources to start your mobile campaign. 

If you have a great idea for a fundraising app, but don't know where to start, you might be able to find help from NetSquared, an initiative from TechSoup Global.

NetSquared brings nonprofits together with programmers, designers and other business professionals. Simply join NetSquared, post your idea in the project gallery, and see what sort of feedback you get.

Ginny Mies is a Content Curator at TechSoup Global.

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