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Windows 8 on Older PCs?

Windows 8 on Older PCs?

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  • Jim, I like your test with all of Office and the IE windows opened played video on Windows 8, but how did this setup compare to doing the same on Windows 7? Thanks for the post, very informative.

  • Francois,

    Great question. Neither I or my colleague Kevin Lo did the same test with Windows 7. I checked with our desktop support engineer, Gene Newkirk and he reports that we have Windows 7 on PCs that are designed for for it at TechSoup. He says that in his experience Windows 7 works pretty well on Windows Vista vintage PCs (Vista launched in 2007).

    I also found a great University of Indiana post about Windows 7 on older PCs from 2009. Find it at: ittrainingtips.iu.edu/.../2009

    That one quotes one John Breeden, lab director for Government Computer News who had Windows 7 running on a Pentium II computer with 2 GB of RAM, saying it made the PC run faster and better then either Windows 98 or XP. That's the most extreme account I've come across.

    If you get a chance to test Windows 7 on an older PC I hope you'll tell us about it. It may well work.


  • Do you know if Windows 8 upgrade requires you to reload the original operating system if you have to reload the computer? This is the case with Windows 7 and it is a pain.

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