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Now Available on TechSoup: Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

Now Available on TechSoup: Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

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  • I don't see this application when I enter it at Get Products.  Is it really available at TechSoup?  Can you send me in the correct direction?

  • Hi VCLFLinda,

    Hmm, it seems to be the first product that shows up when I search for it on our site. Links to the product are also in the blog post above.

    Windows version:


    Mac version:



  • I work on a Mac and generally use preview to view pdfs. However, the new operating system for Mac (mountain lion) no longer allows creating URL links in pdfs. Can you do that in Adobe? For example, if I want to highlight a publication title so the reader can click and go directly to the pub, can I enter a link for that pub making it clickable? This is a huge issue for us and I am so mad at Apple (as others are) for taking this functionality out. Thanks.

  • I can't seem to access it either.

  • I just called Adobe service and support at 800.833.6687. They said you can definitely highlight text in a pdf document and attach a url link thus making the text clickable.

  • I can't find this product on my list ?  I have been approved.  Not sure what to do now?

  • We have recently deployed Acrobat XI to a number of key staff for stability and suitability testing (previously used Acrobat X) - so far the feedback is positive...

  • Any idea when this product will be back in stock?

  • Our charity wants to use fillable forms on our web site.  Are we required to do this through FormsCentral?  Must charities pay the monthly fee to use formsCentral??

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