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Windows MultiPoint Server Frequently Asked Questions

Windows MultiPoint Server Frequently Asked Questions

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  • If any individual wants to get connected with this Multipoint server, What he will has to do? Is it possible for him to get connected? Will he be connect with a licensed windows software?

  • Hi Syed,

    I'm wondering if you mean connecting a MultiPoint system to the internet? If so, the host computer basically plugs in to an internet router via ethernet cable or wirelessly if the host computer has that capability.

    The client stations then get their internet from the host computer. It can be done simply or in more complicated ways if you want to set it up with user accounts. Find more on that at:



  • If we had a bunch of old desktops &/or laptops to use as clients, what would be the difference between using Windows Multipoint Server vs just connecting everything as a Peer-to-peer network (through the router?) and using the server's resources that way?

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