When TechSoup and our global network of partners surveyed more than 10,500 NGOs around the world this year to find out whether they are using and needing cloud based IT services, we didn’t know how many would report cloud technology adoption. 

90 percent of respondents worldwide indicated using some type of cloud technology. However, 60 percent of nonprofits also told us that lack of knowledge is their greatest barrier to greater adoption of cloud technologies. 

We want to help eliminate this barrier with our upcoming webinar on Thursday, October 11 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time featuring speakers Patrick Callihan, executive director of NPower PA and npCloud, and Anna Jaeger, TechSoup Global's director of packaged solutions in the Community-Driven Innovation program.

They will share our survey findings and the primary motivations and barriers that nonprofits, libraries, and NGOs have for moving their IT to the cloud.

Register for our free webinar to discuss the 2012 Global NGO Cloud Survey and find out how to:

  • Make more informed decisions about cloud computing adoption.
  • Help your nonprofit, funders, corporate donors, and partners develop programs that maximize the potential of cloud technologies.

It bears mentioning that the executive summary of our findings (in several languages) and full report (in English) are available at no cost to everyone.

This event is geared towards nonprofits and libraries that want to take advantage of what’s happening in the field of cloud computing. Register for free online and join us next Thursday.

Dawn Krause