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Cloud Technology and the NGO Community

Cloud Technology and the NGO Community

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  • I am interested in how many Cloud Tech company that has gone out of business?  Did their customers get all their information? Plus what was the extra cost to transfer the stored information? Are all Cloud Storage Company have the same technology? Was it easy to transfer storage inforomation to another Cloud Storage Company?  

    Your report was very informative. Thank you


  • Hi yepintl, I spoke with Jim Lynch, our resident authority on green technology and cloud computing. Here's what he had to say:

    "I couldn't find anything about the number of cloud companies that have gone out of business, but some definitely have.

    The largest and most famous of them to date was the case of the US Federal Government shutting down Megaupload. All their data (and assets) were seized and impounded and customers were (and still are) not able to get it back. Find a good article on that with an interesting discussion at:


    There's another interesting more general discussion on cloud companies going out of business at:


    It talks about the case of a small cloud service call Newsberry http://newsberry.com/ that shut down in early 2012 and managed to move their customers to another email marketing company with no data loss.

    There are lots of instances of people losing data when a big cloud provider disables or changes an account or many accounts without notice. Here's a case involving Google Gmail: ehsanakhgari.org/.../."

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