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Microsoft Retires Small Business Server

Microsoft Retires Small Business Server

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  • Does that mean Microsoft will no longer offer any small business server products other than Windows Server 2012 Essentials?


  • @Daryl: That's correct. Microsoft is retiring the Small Business Server (SBS) line of products, except for Essentials.

  • I am the Network Administrator (volunteer) for McLeod County Historical Society.  We are curently running SBS 2000 with 8 clients.  I am installing SBS 2003 on a used Dell server.  I would like to buy another copy of SBS 2003 (I have the server already) to use as a test server (sandbox environment).  We cannot afford to upgrade any equipment or software.  Is there any way I can purchase another copy?  Thanks.

  • Any news on date of 2012 Essentials showing up here on techsoup?

  • Hi TheRefuge,

    It's available now: home.techsoup.org/.../Product.aspx



  • we have sbs 2008 premium with software assurance.  can we upgrade to 2012 server, exchange server and sql server?

  • we have sbs 2008 Standard Ed. with software assurance, who do we contact to get the upgrade?

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