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Facebook Publishes Guide for Nonprofits and Causes

Facebook Publishes Guide for Nonprofits and Causes

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  • Interesting - is there anything about how to *engage* with the audience? Even if a nonprofit follows all of these tips, the thing that is missing is that the organization must *engage*: they must "like" comments promptly, they must respond to criticism promptly, and they should ask questions and for feedback in their posts -  not just post "Here's what we did/what we need." To me, it's the focus on engagement that takes a nonprofit's Facebook page from just another web page to truly utilizing "social media." Other's thoughts?

  • @jcravens42 - Yes, the guide does have some tips for engaging with the audience sprinkled throughout it. However, responding to comments and criticism promptly and asking for feedback are also very important - excellent points!

  • I agree with the two previous comments. "Social" networking is supposed to be just that...social. That means it needs to be two way communication. To do it right, it takes a lot of time and dedication. Most non-profits don't have the luxury of having a dedicated employee for Social Media so it can be difficult. One tip that I will share is that if you share a post from another organization or company, make sure you thank them for sharing and tag them in the post. This helps your organization to get exposure to the supporters of the organization that you have just tagged. (Hope that makes sense.) We currently have over 11,500 likes on our page and most of those likes are because of being truly "social" and giving credit to other organizations and companies for sharing their posts.

  • This guide from Facebook has been around since January, FYI.

  • Even though this is a very old guide, I'm sure they'll update it to include the new timeline features, refined targeting and promoted posts.

  • Here's the updated guide, folks: The post has a link to the old guide (pre-timeline) ... Here's the new one: developers.facebook.com/.../Pages%20for%20Causes%20and%20NP.pdf

  • Thanks for your help, johnhaydon! I've updated the post so that it links to the newer version of the guide, which has information about using Timeline added to it.

  • @Laura- I hate to be stupid, but I sometimes am. What format is the download in? I've downloaded, saved, etc, but can't get it to open. Even though it says it's a pdf, Adobe is not recognizing it.

  • @sdg1230 - yes, the guide is a pdf file. You could try downloading the very latest version of Acrobat Reader; sometimes that helps. http://get.adobe.com/reader/

  • @sdg1230 - You could also try renaming the file "attachment.pdf" (i.e. add the .pdf) -- sometimes that does the trick.

  • Thanks, Laura. Adding the pdf to the name did the trick. And thanks for the resource!!