In May, we held the first webinar in our Microsoft Tips & Tricks webinar series, Creating Better Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint. More recently, you may have attended our June webinars from this series, Creating Better Spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel and How Real Nonprofits Fundraise with Microsoft.

Creating Better Spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel

During this webinar, TechSoup’s Mark Liu and Microsoft’s Kate Libershteyn provided valuable insights on tips and uses for Microsoft Excel.

First, Mark provided a great rundown of keyboard shortcuts. You can take a look at some of these shortcuts (primarily for PCs) on the Microsoft Office website. You can also take a look at some keyboard shortcuts for Macs on the Microsoft Office: mac website.

Mark also provided a demonstration of creating and using pivot tables for your data. For more information on pivot tables, take a look at our previous blog post, 5 Favorite Features, Tips, and Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel.

Kate then took the floor, demonstrating how she helped create a strategic scorecard for the nonprofit organization Feet First. During this section, Kate emphasized to keep your organization’s strategic goals in mind in every step of this process.

How Real Nonprofits Fundraise with Microsoft

Last week, we had the pleasure of hearing from Paula Lucas at the Americans Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis Center (AODVCC) and Shari Sewell, executive director of Northwest Hope & Healing, during the webinar How Real Nonprofits Fundraise with Microsoft.

One of my favorite tips from Shari was to use templates in Microsoft Publisher for an easy-to-create professional look. You can view Microsoft Office templates on the Microsoft Office website.

During Paula’s section, she showed a great example of utilizing Microsoft Visual Studio to aid in creating easier-to-edit web pages. While her website setup was put in place by a volunteer IT person, Paula emphasized the value of being able to update sections of her website without going back to this same volunteer for assistance.

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