On May 24, I had the pleasure of facilitating our first webinar in our Microsoft Tips and Tricks Series, Creating Better Presentations with Microsoft PowerPoint. You can now view the recording of this webinar.

During this webinar, TechSoup’s Elliot Harmon and Microsoft’s Doug Thomas provided us with a multitude of advice and resources. I wanted to take a moment to provide you with some of these resources.

TechSoup Resources

Microsoft Resources

Interested in more information and examples for Microsoft PowerPoint? Check out examples and information from the American Indian Resource Center, Devon Smith, and Bobbi Newman. You can also read Seth Godin’s blog post on Really Bad PowerPoint and Guy Kawasaki's original blog post on the 10-20-30 rule

You can now register for the next webinars in this series at the following registration pages:

Kyla Hunt
Webinar Producer
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