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Learn to Use Adobe Software

Learn to Use Adobe Software

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  • How about adding Premiere Elements?

  • Hi neilayoung, this is actually a pilot program. We're going to be collecting feedback at the end of the pilot, so we'll be sure to pass along your feedback looking for expanded offerings to Adobe.

  • Patrick, is Techsoup/Adobe going to offer these courses again anytime soon? Of all the training resouces we've had our people use, the lynda.com site has proven to be the fastest and most effective way to get our people up to speed!

  • Hi AlanStaats, I'm looking into this for you, and I'll try to get you an answer next week. I'm glad you got such effective use from the lynda.com training site!

  • Hi AlanStaats, here's where things stand. We're not sure if these donated trainings will be coming back.

    But, would you be open to being contacted about your experience with the training program, and to providing more detail on your positive experience that we'd take to Adobe in hopes that it assists in making the training program a permanent part of the Adobe Donation program?

  • The Adobe training through lynda.com is incredibly useful. I'm really hoping it comes back soon!

  • Lynda.com training is very effective; however, a couple of observations are in order:

    (1) the courses specify a certain number of hours of total viewing time. I would as a minimum double or triple that, simple to allow you to work the exercises on your own copy of the Adobe product and to listen to some of the sections two or three times until the material soaks in.

    (2) a multiscreen desktop setup provides the best learning environment.  I have a four screen computer, and use three of them for the course. The left screen is the index of the course -- it tells me where I am.  The middle screen is used to display the video. And the right screen is used for the Adobe product to perform the exercises along with the instructor. Now while a three screen configuration is nice, even a two screen setup will make a BIG difference, with the left screen running the video and the right screen running your copy of the Adobe product.

    Finally, be sure to take the "How to use Lynda.com" course ... it will help the first timer use their time wisely.

    Good luck!

  • I sent an email last fall about the lynda.com training program. I used it as an individual then thru tech-soup when it became available. Add me to the list of people hoping that Adobe and Tech-soup can make it available to us again, and expand it to include the creative suites. Lynda.com is a step above all the others I have tried.

  • I am disappointed that Lynda.com is no longer available for training purposes. Atomic is NOT the same. You get one month period and can't add time.

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