This post was penned by John Rode of SlideRocket and originally appeared on the SlideRocket blog. Their web-based professional-grade service for creating and sharing presentations online is available to eligible nonprofits and public libraries through TechSoup. Marnie Webb, one of TechSoup Global's CEOs was a judge for their contest, where winners are highlighted below.

Congratulations to the five winners of the SlideRocket Nonprofit Presentation Contest! Well done! Please take a few moments to view and share the winning presentations below. And a big congratulations to all the presentation contest participants. It really was a close race!

The first place winner will receive a $10,000 donation from SlideRocket, and each of the other four winners will receive a $5,000 donation. To process your donation, we will contact you directly via the email you used to register for SlideRocket. If you are one of the winners and have any questions or concerns please email

The judges made their selections of the best presentations based on unique views, best storyline, composition and compelling cause. So, without further ado, here are the winning presentations!

#1 Waste Ventures = $10,000

Waste Ventures created a truly engaging presentation that highlights the challenge of corrupt and unhealthy trash collection, and the poverty it perpetuates, in many developing countries. In their presentation, Waste Ventures provides both an awakening to the problem and inspires the viewer to believe they can solve it. Powerful images, great use of fonts, and an engaging storyline motivated the judges to select this as the best presentation in the contest.

#2 Operation Asha = $5,000

Operation Asha garnered by far the most presentation views in the contest. Operation Asha seeks to solve the challenge of drug-resistant tuberculosis in developing countries. And their presentation reflects the weight of the problem with emotional music, moody colors and images, and an overall design that draws the viewer in. It’s no surprise the folks on Twitter and Facebook voted this the best presentation via their tweets and likes.

#3 Muttville Senior Dog Rescue = $5,000

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue knows how to market. One of the best presentations in terms of creating an identifiable (and lovable) brand, Muttville entertains the viewer and pulls at their heart strings at the same time. The judges loved Muttville’s visuals, particularly the backgrounds, coupled with giant, easy to read fonts that build with just the right tempo. And of course a fun music track keeps you watching.

#4 National Children’s Cancer Society = $5,000

A child who is diagnosed with cancer is a tragedy. But when a family is unable to make ends meet financially to properly treat the child, it’s heartbreaking. The National Children’s Cancer Society seeks to help families close the financial gap. NCCS’s presentation drew crowds every time I played it. The music is a fantastic hook and the innocent look and feel of the presentation gave it a very personal and emotional tone. Well done!

#5 Innovative Humanitarian Products Organization = $5,000

The Innovative Humanitarian Products Organization is a testament to the power of creative engineering and philanthropy. IHPO has created an incubator of great ideas that can make a big impact in the world, starting with the development of a water purifier for people in the developing world. IHPO’s presentation is a simple story, it’s straightforward in asking for your help, and provides a positive, inspiring vibe throughout. Without even saying it directly, IHPO inspires you to be believe they can, with your help, put a big dent in the world’s water crisis.

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