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TechSoup's Refurbished Computer Initiative: You've Come A Long Way Baby

TechSoup's Refurbished Computer Initiative: You've Come A Long Way Baby

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  • As IT Administrator for the Siena/Francis House in Omaha, NE (the largest homeless shelter in the state), I am responsible for keeping 35-40 PCs going for our employees so they can effectively do their jobs. We are grateful for your refurbished PC program, it helps me to do my job in the most cost effective way possible. Thank You Tech Soup!! We would also be interested in knowing more about your Connect 2 Compete program as we also have an in house drug and alcohol recovery program, and when graduates leave the program they are starting new lives, most with nothing, and some are enrolled in college and need PC's of their own. Can you direct me to someone who can give me more information on this program? Thank you again for your help for non-profits such as ours!


  • How would i go about donating old technology to this? My department replaces older PC's, battery backups, flat panels monitors and more for more than 250 stores.  Currently, i send this all to a recycler.  A large number of the desktop PC's are just older and can still be used, but would need the end use to supply the hard drives and Operating systems.....

  • On donating 100 or more PCs to RCI, as luck would have it, we have a webpage for that. Find it at: www.techsoup.org/.../becomeanrcipartner.asp

    Our direct contact person for equipment donations to RCI is Gayle Carpentier <gaylec@techsoupglobal.org>.


  • Debbie,

    On the Connect 2 Compete program, for nonprofits who have individuals that qualify for the C2C program and want to know where to send them please contact Redemtech via email at:

    connect2compete@redemtech.com  or call them at 800-378-6897.


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